Confbridge configuration?

Hello pros,

I want to know how to set up confbridge for creating a conference. I read the documentation in Asterisk website. I do like:
exten => 9000,1,Answer()
exten => 9000,n,ConfBridge(1234)

and i defined 2 users in sips.conf
type = friend
context = my-phones
type = friend
context = my-phones

But i couldn’t get it done, the error is:
“No application ‘ConfBridge’ for extension (my-phones, 9000, 2)”

how to solve that ? And does confbridge have the same functionalities as meetme ?

what is your asterisk version ? Are you sure your sip phones are registered ? ( your sip config is wrong )

That error relates to the application not being loaded. It has nothing to do with registrations. In particular, it refers to an extension, not a phone, and extensions in Asterisk are positions in the dialplan, not pieces of hardware.

Failing to load would be the result of not having a valid configuration file for the feature, or not having built the module for the feature. Unusually, people disable autoloading of modules, in which case it would be a failure to manually load it.

Check for a confbridge module in the Asterisk modules directory. If present, try manually loading it with “module load”, to see what errors you get. If not present, and you built from source, re-run the build from “make menuconfig” and make sure it is selected, or if it won’t select, identify the missing dependencies.