Backing up configutations on Asterisk server

I am currently running GoAutoDial in a call center which went down. So thought of backing up the configurations made on the Asterisk server before re-installing the GoAutoDial to see if that would solve the problem. Please could any help with any material or tutorial to do that. Or is it possible to reinstall the GoAutoDial without losing the configurations made on the Asterisk Server. Thanks

Is it a standard Asterisk server or is it something like Trixbox or AsteriskNOW?

If it’s just a vanilla Asterisk install then all configuration files are in /etc/asterisk.

When backing up take several things into consideration. These are not formal guidelines but are generally good practice.
Like leemason said above, the Asterisk configuration files can be found in /etc/asterisk. Below is a listing of directories which Asterisk installs modules , config files in:

Try to setup a “cron job” that runs at intervals you are comfortable with (on RedHat you can use “crontab -e”). Also try and avoid backing up your files to the same machine. Think about writing a small script which gzip’s these directories and then possibly will do an FTP to a remote server. When the cron job script is run always name the files by using the “timestamp” for easier review later when it’s most needed. There’s nothing worse than not knowing which files have been backed up because you need to unzip them to find out. This can eat precious time as the situation may be a total outage to the customer.