Background music continuously

Is it possible to play an ambiance sound during all the call which will not be interupted if another audio file is played at the same time?
with DialPlan or ARI nodejs.


huu , yes and no
only if you bridge in a 3 channel (music) and use a confrence bridge
just remember you need to create your own hangup controle

ARI is your best option, as dialplan will be messy and hard to debug

Thanks for the quick answer!
I already have 3 channels: 1 local 1 external and 1 snoop(spy: ‘in’,whisper:‘none’) + 2 bridges (local + external and external + snoop to send the audio continuously to google tts).
If I startMoh to bridge1, I will have the sound coutinuously except when a sound is played.
So I have to create a new (snoop?) channel and a new bridge associated to the local channel to do this?

dont use snoop, do it like you would do a confrence call

I created a newchannel + newbridge. Then I added newchannel and localchannel to this newbridge.
And with this, the Moh play the music continuously but stop playing when I play an audio on the localchannel.

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