Background music during call?

Is it possible to play background music during call? here’s what i’m trying to do:
a person dials a number
then asterisk answers the call
after that asterisk Dial()s another number
finally when the dialed person picks up the two people can talk to each other and both parties will hear background music during the call


you can make conference with a 3rd number who can only play music…

If this is a really important feature for you my advice is to try to find someone who can change the code of the Dial() app to add a new parameter that adds the musiconhold to both channels. There are great coders out there who probably can help you out for more then reasonable costs.

This is much more than a dial application tweak. It affects bridging as well. In practice it is going to have to result in a conference being created.

Another point to remember is that this forces all traffic to go through Asterisk.

You should also make sure that there is a mechanism for the caller to disable this function, unless it is of the very nature of the service that you are providing, as users who are hard of hearing may find it very difficult to understand speech against background music. (A lot of older users complain about music behind voice-overs on TV documentaries.)

I agree that it is not just an easy tweak but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t possible. I can imagine that in the background a conference is setup with moh played on one of the channels but that in front it is just the use of an extra parameter. somethng like:

exten =>s,n,Dial(${SIP_TRUNK}/${OUTBOUND},40,B)

That would be much more easy then doing all the tricks with forking the call into local channels that has to be routed into the dynamicaly generated conference. I was just sharing thoughts.

This link might be useful … ound-music