Background() command for TTS?

Hello everyone,

I am new to asterisk. I am tasked with creating a dial by name directory for my company, and I have a question I cannot find out in Google-land.

Is there a command, or a way to get the functionality of Background() but instead of a sound file, play back TTS using an AGI script? I am using the google speech api for my TTS engine.

I really want to have it so users can enter numbers over what the TTS is saying.

Thanks for your time in advanced.

There have been reports that doing this sort of thing causes unreliable DTMF detection. That doesn’t surprise me. In the UK dialtones had to be changed when DTMF was introduced.

In terms of Google searches, you should search for the question about that problem. Use a site: qualifier, to limit the search to these forums, although it might just have been on