DTMF detection

As soon as I hit/detect a DTMF digit, the message stops playing. I would like for the message to run in the background.

Does Asterisk provide the functionality to play a message in the background (on the outbound channel) while listening/detecting (on the inbound channel) for DTMF tones/digits?


Have you tried using Background() in you extension definitions. This will play something in the background whilst waiting for DTMF and when it finds a match in the dial plan will jump to it, or a timeout, or an invalid entry extension.

no background isn’t what he wants, if i get him correctly he wants Background() except it should keep playing whatever it’s playing until a full extension is dialed, and then jump to that.

This is generally not desired as playing stuff can make DTMF detection less accurate…

yes…that’s what I would like it to do…
Keep playing the message along with detecting DTMF.
Is there a function which can be used to do this?


not that i know of as this is rarely desirable… might be able to AGI ti tho

I really dont know whether such a function exists. With Background(), it detects the Dtmf and immediately stops playing the voice prompt / music.

I am having a problem with dtmf detection - sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt. When i call from a SIP Phone - it works perfect. when i call in from a PRI line - using ISDN (I am using a TE407P digium card), then sometimes the digits are detected, and some other times the digits are not detected.

It however detects the * key perfectly without a problem, regardless of where they were coming in from…

I have set the dtmfrelax option to yes in my zap.conf.