Hello guys,
I’ve a problem in my dialplan scenario.
I created an IVR on my Asterisk and I’m using Background() function to play some audio files, for example: press 1 for development department, press 2 for…, ecc ecc.
The problem is that Asterisk seems not recognise dtmf tones is you press buttons of your phone when the reproduction of audio file is started (with Background function).Instead if the audio file is terminated dtmf tones works!!

This happen always when our customers calls us; instead if I test the dialplan internally with SIP phone it work.

Whe use a Italian provider that provide us a VOIP line with geographic number and we use rfc2833 for dtmf tones.

I hope that someone can be help me!! :smile:

Thanks very much

Best regards

It might just be echo suppressors in the network.