Avaya one-X Communicator and Asterisk

Does anyone know if the new Avaya one-X Communicator client will work with Asterisk over SIP / H323? We’re looking to integrate our handsets with the app, but I’m not sure if we need a license server or other Avaya hardware to test the app (we usually just use Asterisk for testing).

I was able to get an Avaya IP Office 4.0 to work with asterisk. You may need to purchase some licensing from Avaya.


I have Communication Manager 5 and, Avaya SIP Enablement Services, but did not get success at this integration with Asterisk.

I just could make calls between avaya and asterisk with E1/T1 cable.

Avaya SES (SIP Enablement Services) has a doc with integration:
avaya.com/master-usa/en-us/r … sk13AN.pdf

If you make it work please let me know.