Avaya IP4624 + AsteriskNOW + H.323

Alright, I’m really tearing my hair out - I can’t even get the AsteriskForums to register me an account. I am VERY new to Asterisk, but am rather familiar with Linux and other networking issues.

So, my problem:

I have a number of Avaya IP4624 phones. They do not support SIP, only H.323. I am attempting to get one setup to do some testing with.

I’ve installed AsteriskNow, including any and all support for the NuFone H.323 protocol/config.

I’ve searched the internet low and high for some kind of step-by-step documentation on how to create an H.323 extension, and then configure my phone to use it, but have found nothing.

I am under the impression it is possible, but again have found nothing showing me how to do so.

exten => 100,1,Dial(H323/${EXTEN}@


The phone boots, and then sits at “Discovering…” forever, until it reboots.

Anyone who could provide me any help on this, I’d truly appreciate it.