Avaya on Asterisk - Nearly working! Discover

Hi All,

I have been spending quite a bit of time recently trying to get a 4620 IP to connect to an Asterisk server.

I have read lots of posts, manuals and guides and think I am nearly there, but stumbling at the last hurdle! If anyone has any suggestions, I would be forever grateful!

Ok, so I have upgraded the firmware to the latest version, switched the phone into SIP mode and manually configured all of the settings to rule out any DHCP related issues.

When I boot the phone and enter all of the IP details manually, it then asks me for the extension number and password for the phone.

I enter these as added on the Asterisk server and then phone then has a little pause and the screen changes to “Discovering” (which is the IP address of the asterisk box.

Doing a SIP debug on the asterisk box, I can see that some sort of communication is happening between the phone and the asterisk box, but all that is ever printed is:

<-- SIP read from

— (1 headers 0 lines) —

I am guessing that the problem may somehow relate to the port number above? I have configured the phone to use 5060?

Any help very much appreciated.

PS - I have other phones on connected up to the Asterisk box without issue, so I dont think its a general asterisk server configuration/communication issue.