Avaya 5610sw H.323 Phone to Asterisk 1.8

Has anyone had any luck getting Avaya 5610sw H.323 phones to register/communicate with Asterisk via H.323? I cannot find a SIP conversion file for this series of phones online. I do see people have success with the 4600 series.

I was able to connect Asterisk 1.8 to an Avaya PBX and have SIP phones attached to Asterisk with the H.323 Avaya phones attached to the Avaya PBX no problem. Calls work great all around there. I’m really keen on getting these Avaya 5610sw phones to hook directly to Asterisk though. I’ve transferred all the Avaya .bin files to the /tftpboot directory in CentOS and have the Avaya’s pointed to the IP of the Asterisk box which is also serving as the TFTP server. I can’t get the Avaya phone to pull the file(s) it needs through TFTP. The 5610sw phone can’t connect to TFTP and then goes into “Discover xxx.xxx.xx.xx” which is the IP of my Asterisk box/TFTP server.

I’m using tftp-server, tftp (client), and xinetd on CentOS 5.7. I’ve verified that everything is installed and up to date. I’ve modified the /etc/xinetd.d/tftp file and changed disable=no to disable=yes. I’ve done chkconfig on for both tftp and xinetd. I’ve reloaded and restarted xinetd but it just doesn’t seem like TFTP is running. I can issue #tftp and manually log into tftp but I have not had success transferring files to/from the Avaya 5610sw phone.

Q: Should tftp or tftp-server be listed when I issue #services --status-all?

Another dilemma I see with the 5610sw Avaya phones is that you must manually enter the following information, some of which I am not actually using:

Phone IP - no problem here
Call Server - IP of gatekeeper but I’m not running one so I’ve been configuring this to point to IP of Asterisk box
Call Server port - gatekeeper transport layer port which I’ve been setting as 1720 for H.323 call signaling
Router - IP of phone’s default gateway which I have set to IP of Avaya PBX that is attached to Asterisk currently. If I set this to the IP of Asterisk box, I get “bad router” displayed on the phone. I have the IP of Avaya PBX as the default gateway on the Asterisk box so I’m guessing this has to match up here.
Mask - no problem here
File Server - IP of TFTP server which I have set to the IP of the Asterisk box

Any help or hints from others who have experimented with the Avaya 5610sw H.323 phones would be greatly appreciated. If I can at least get TFTP resolved and can transfer the binary files to the phone, I’d be happy that progress is being made :smiley:

Thanks in advance.