Automatic login

Hi :smiley:

We are building a PBX using the Raspberry computer.

What we want now is to auto login Asterisk when the Raspberry starts, because if the power goes down our client aren’t capable to create a SSH session with Putty and login and start Asterisk, and the only way now is to lay a monitor and a keyboard attached to the system.

Is there a way to perform auto login inside Asterisk?

Thank you


With the default settings when you compiled asterisk you can enter in the tty9 and there is the asterisk console. You can switch to it with alt+F9.

Otherwise set the Linux distro to autologin and run asterisk -r after that.

It works, thank you :wink:

I’ve modified the inittab file and now my Rasberry does autologin as root. When we will sell the PBX I will change autologin from root to another user with less privileges.

I’m not clear what it really being asked for her. Asterisk does not need to “login” to act as a server, and one would normally start it from the start up mechanism for the OS. In fact, on fully supported OS, the install process for Asterisk does this for you.

If you are creating a product from Asterisk:

  1. don’t forget that you are obliged to provide the source code to anyone with the product, or who has copied the binaries off the product;

  2. you will need to take steps to minimise writes to the flash memory. That may included disabling most or all of /var/log/asterisk; you will also need to ensure that high quality SD cards (rated for many erase/write cycles) are used.