Automatic load Asterisk when booting PC, PROBLEM!

Hello to all!
I have a problem and I think this is the right place to post it.
At the lab, where I am, they gave me a pc. It runs CentOS 4.2 Final and has the Asterisk on.
The problem is here: when the pc boots loads automatic the asterisk program. An result it’s redirecting me to a black screen and waiting to type the password. Guess what? I don’t have the password! No one else also!
Is any chance that I can log to the computer without starting the asterisk first?

Thanks in advance,

I think the password asked is the login password, so see here for some informations on how to reset lost root password:


Marco Bruni

Actually it says:
" asterisk1 login: "
I’ve tried to put root and password, passwd as a password but no progress :frowning:

just solved it!!! :smiley: