Login on New install

I have installed both AsteriskNow and the FreePBX versions of Asterisk on to different servers. I can access both using a web browser from separate laptops so have no issues there. But what I would like to be able to do is to log in locally to the servers. So I hit ctrl-alt-f2 to bring up the local login, but can not log in. I have tried:
admin, admin
root, password
root, password1
administrator, password
administrator, password1
root, the password I entered on setup
admin, the password I entered on setup
administrator, the password I entered on setup

It is the same on both installs. What I want to do is go in and remark the TOS value of the IP packets when making VoIP calls as the media over which I want to send the calls assigns bandwidth based on the TOS value, but as I can’t login, I am unable to do this

root and the password entered during Linux setup. If linux was set up by AsteriskNow, you should ask in the AsteriskNow forum.

According to this asterisk.org/AsteriskNOW-1.5-QuickStart it is on the third option screen during the installation of AsteriskNow, at least for version 1.7.0.

Thanks for taking the time to reply David. I have re-posted on the AsterixNow Forum. I never read further down the page to even realize there was a separate forum. Third option on that page doesn’t help, but much appreciated for your time in looking



You should have been asked for the “root password” during the installation
you would have had to type it in and then confirm the password…
root - ?? - local machine
freepbx and fpbx - web gui