AsteriskNOW 2009 - After root logon - Please Advise?

Hi mates,

Please help me.

I installed AsteriskNOW with centOS 5.3, removed the CD and restarted the machine.

Asked me about username and password, user was root and password what I assigned during installation after entering credintial I got this prompt of bash:

[root@localhost ~]#

I don’t know what’s the next step?? I searched on documentatoin, it was for old version of AsteriskNOW, but this new version which I have downloaded on October 2009, differs!

Also please do you know how can I change the network eth0? I know that I have to access the graphical interface from another machine, but I need to know what’s the next step to do?

I would appreciate your help.

Thanks in advance.

Thanks guys I have solved the problem.

I explained to others in steps how to do :smile:

This is the link: viewtopic.php?f=14&t=72107&p=139104&sid=13f7a753f221fd1527c9ec0108005d5a#p139104