Auto dialler functionality


I’d like to use my Asterisk server to call and leave a short 8 second message for about 2200 club members each month.

I envisage it working like this: Asterisk grabs the first number in the database list, calls the number, when the call is answered Asterisk asks the called party to press a button to confirm that the call has been answered by a person rather than a machine, then it plays the short message, then Asterisk hangs up the call and then calls the next number from the database in order to start again.

Hopefully the code to do this has already been developed, if so can you tell me where I can obtain it from please?

In short:
A loop moving the DB cursor each time
The readed variables (number)
is passed to your “call-out” routine.

The routine is always the same, just working with variables for the number to call.
The Routine could be an endless loop (static GOTO) breaking on a condition (GotoIF), eg. the number-to-dial=000000 (fake endmark).

Thats the short form of it…