Helpdesk Type Question

I’ve only heard of astrisk … I was at the Ohio Linux Fest last October and found rave reviews. Anyway … here’s the situation I’d like to have handled: The caller calls the helpdesk and leaves a message. Astrisk then starts calling phone numbers (of volunteers doing helpdesk duties across the country) until someone answers. Astrisk says “This is a helpdesk call. Would you like to take it? Press 1 for yes, 2 for no”. If Astrisk doesn’t get a 1 or a 2 within 10 seconds then it hangs up and calles the next number.

Is this possible with astrisk? If so, I would really be interested in setting up astrisk to handle this locally for a while.

– Tony

Yes, Asterisk is capable of this. I would recommend picking up the O’Reilly book linked in my signature below to get started.