Auto attendant

hello, I’ve installed asterisk@home iso (centOs). I have a custom auto attendant recorded from a sip (xlite) phone (extensions.conf):


I can record and playback successfully according to above entry. I moved the file to /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/mainOp.gsm. My extensions.conf entry looks like this for auto attendant:


Issue: My auto attendant picks up but I hear silence instead of my recording. I also have sub menus in my extensions.conf and I can’t hear those either. However, I can press my extenions (following my prompts from the auto attendant which I should hear) and get to the correct destinations. Also, if I try BackGround(/tmp/asterisk-file) --note original place that file was recorded to- I get the same results. Any thoughts. Thank you in advance.

Need to be able to see your Asterisk logs or output from a verbose CLI. Not sure how to get these in A@H.

Maybe here?:


sorry, I normally would have posted them, however I’m off site. I’ll post them as soon as possible. Thank you for responding!

…offhand, the cli reports that it picks up the line, and playing BackGround(mainOp).

…it’s just that I don’t hear anything, however I can press keys corresponding to the prompts that I should hear and I get transferred accordingly (to a new submenu, that I can’t hear either, or to voicemail.)

…I’ll post logs soon.