Will this work? (simple auto attendant)

I want to make a VERY simple auto attendant. Does this look like it’ll work? The recording is currently a place holder. Assume it’s saying ‘Please press 51 for reception and 52 for Helpdesk’.



Thanks. All of the examples I’m finding are a lot more complex then is needed.

Okay the background app seems to be working but for some reason none of the audio files are playing. I just get the 10 secs of silence and then a hangup.

Any ideas?

*On second thought it may be the WaitExten that’s working and the background isn’t working at all.

what do the logfiles say?

Make sure that file “enter-ext-of-person” exists in /var/lib/asterisk/sounds location it must be with valid extension like:


On the other hand I would use other way to read the exten to dial. Have a look at this example:

[code]exten => 12345,1,Answer
exten => 12345,2,Playback(enter-ext-of-person)
exten => 12345,3,Read(ext,2)
exten => 12345,4,GoTo(${ext})

exten => 51,1,Goto(default,11111,1)
exten => 52,1,Goto(default,22222,1)[/code]

This one will wait for 2 digits only, in my opinion this is more user-friendly.

Thanks doonay21, I like the idea of the read option. Question - does it automatically hangup if it doesn’t find a match to the numbers pressed? Also, since you are using the playback command you can’t hit anything during playback, right?

Edit: enter-ext-of-person.gsm is definitely in the sounds directory. Background just isn’t working for some reason.

Current versions of Asterisk, in a normal configuration, hangup if the next sequential priority does not exist for any possible match on the extension.

I think, even if I set it to ‘Read’ 2 digits it still waits for 4 digits before it dials. Not sure why though, any ideas?

Got the Background app to work.
Apparently, the ‘Answer’ command was somehow messing it up (either that or the Hangup).