Audio playback as incorrect rate?

I have a Xlite softphone running on WinXP with an out of the box Asterisk build (current) on Suse Linux.

Any call put through to the XLite client sounds fine, however audio from xlite is heard as low and growly. Im sure it is being played back at the wrong sample rate.

If I try a simple echo test

exten => 111,1,Answer()
exten => 111,n,Playback(welcome)
exten => 111,n,Echo()
exten => 111,n,Playback(demo-echodone)
exten => 111,n,Playback(vm-goodbye)
exten => 111,n,Hangup()

I hear my voice being played back far too slow.

The Xlite is minimal config of SIP proxy and user name passwrd etc.

(Things like Skype work fine on the PC)

Any Suggestions?


What are the specs on the asterisk box? What codec are you using for communication?

Box is a P3 860MHz 384M Ram with a PCI Fritz (BT Speedway) ISDN card connected to an ISDN2e line with 10 DDI Numbers.

Its running the most basic Suse Linux 10 install to get things going.

I’ve just tried connecting with my laptop, and this works OK (Same Xlite config), therefore I suspect its something to do with the PC Xlite side of things…

Guess I need to post the same question in the Xlite forums now…?

How Do I find out what codec is being used at any one time?


on the older eyebeam (1.10), we had a similar issue that was helped (not solved, but helped) by unchecking the ‘Enable PCL’ and ‘Adjust for inexact Hertz rate’.

also, if you have the older version of xlite, try updating to the new 3.0 release - counterpath did a lot of work on the audio engine, and most of the problems we were having (with regard to the softphones) have dissipated or been resolved altogether…

then again, if you’re using the newest release, i’d say a note to counterpath would be in order.

Following a post in the counterpath Xlite support forums, it seems the issue is related to the OnBoard Audio Chipset. … 6294e17ec2

I’m running on a Dell Optiplex machine, and it seems the onboard SoundMAX audio chipset is the root cause of all problems.

Search for SoundMAX and you’ll find a few others struggling with the same issue.

The exact same setup is fine on another machine, and even plugging in a USB phone and changing the audio source to this cures the problem.

Looks like I’ll be getting me a USB headset…

wow, good find.

we’re also running dell optiplexes with a mix of VXI and Plantronics USB headsets, and have some issues with the older softphone, but not the new one.

also, if you are running a call center or are needing a headset that is reliable and durable, do NOT get the plantronics DSP-400. our 3 month failure rate was well over 25%.

we’re using VXI passwort 20V-U’s now, and though they’re $150 a pop, we’ve only had a half dozen (out of 350) fail in three months, and they were replaced immediately by VXI.