XLite and Asterisk


I have an Asterisk PBX server. I want to use XLite to make a call
from a non-local computer (outside local lan). I test the calling with a Playback(hello-world). I can hear the message, but the quality of sound is very poor. A lot of background noise and the the message is robotic.
A ping to the pbx server takes about 50-60ms.
I tried to enable in sip.conf only some codecs (not all), but no improvement was done.

Is there anything can be done for the improvement of sound quality, in asterisk and XLite?
I heard about a patch for “sip jittering”. Did anyone use something like this?

Thank you,

I have the same problem. I cant seem to improve the sound iven for local calls inside the network.

Hello all,
I have been using festival and Asterisk for about 2 months.
Through Xlite I can hear voice response of Playback() functions.
But I can’t hear any voice which festival speak.
But on same machine where asterisk and festival are , I can hear voice of Festival.
I tried it on different LAN,but problem continues.
Can anybody tell me what is problem?

So, nobody else experienced bad sound quality from a softphone outside the asterisk server lan?


What is the negotiated codec between your X-Lite and Asterisk? As far as I can recall, your best codec for X-Lite and Asterisk is gsm. But between X-Lite and Asterisk on the mids is still sound good. But between to X-lite I don’t know.

without wanting to offend anyone at counterpath, my results with XLite have always been carp. i avoid using it at (almost) any cost, any hardphone is miles better … but that could be down to the sound card in my PC.