Asterisk XLite poor sound quality


I have an Asterisk PBX server. I want to use XLite to make a call
from a non-local computer (outside local lan). I test the calling with a Playback(hello-world).
I can hear the message, but the quality of sound is very poor. A lot of background noise and the the message is robotic.
A ping to the pbx server takes about 50-60ms.
I tried to enable in sip.conf only some codecs (not all), but no improvement was done.

Is there anything can be done for the improvement of sound quality, in asterisk and XLite?

Thank you,

We have found that the most common cause of poor sound quality is lack of bandwidth from the asterisk server or from the local computer. If you are on a 256K line and you are downloading a big file at the same time, soulnd quality will go to zilch.

What is the line speed of your line to the asterisk server and to the computer with the Xlite on it?

The line speed to the asterisk server is 1024K, but yes the line to the local computer with xlite is 256K. But I want only to do a test, and I think just playing a “hello-world” cannot be affected by the bandwidth. Is there any difference with lets say talking into a messenger? (I can hear very well when I talk from Europe to America with yahoo messenger). And I do not do anything else during the test.


Did you calibrate your audio and mic on your xlite?