Audio fading bliping when downloading files.. help!

I just set up my asterisk system using trixbox 2.0 and free PBX. I got everything working fine, got set up with voicepulse VOIP service. the only problem I’m having is when anyone uses the internet heavily (says downloads a file) my incomming audio skips , fades, blips (whatever you wanna call it) almost like a record is skipping or your on a bad cell phone conversaiton and about to lose service.

I’m using Aastra 480I CT phones, which are hooked into a netgear PoE switch, which are then hooked directly into my Sonicwall TZ170, my Trixbox server is also hooked directly into the Sonicwall.

the bandwidth I have is a business cable internet with 3MB downstream and 1 MB upstream. I’ve read people using this on slower speed connections with little problems, anyone have any ideas? I’ve tred playign with bandwith managemtnand QoS (setting all VOIP, voice and anything to do with trixbox or voicepulse servers to highest priority) but not having any luck)

please help!


You are on the right track. You need to configure Qos to ensure your calls get the bandwidth they need. I have the same problem sometimes, guess I need to configure my Qos also!

unfortunately, the problem is with downloads, not uploads. hard to control how his ISP is sending data. some QoS managers can sorta help by playing games with tcp ACKs and/or dropping packets, but it’s no guarantee…