Audio dropping after 20 seconds

Hi guys,

Pretty big issue in my company PBX. We keep losing audio from one side on allmost every call. It happens on internal and external calls and most of the times it’s the caller side that drops. I went trough a part of the verbose logghings but no strange things there. If I reboot, the problem is solved, but only for a while.

I use trixbox CE 2.6 on an HP DL380 with a digium T220 card.

Anyone had the same? Cause I dont really know where to look next… I found some articles on this issue, but all regarding an external trunck, which we do not have.

Any hint would be welcome.



Is there any router or NAT between your Trixbox system and the handsets?

No there isn’t. They are all in the same multi vLan network.

They have to be on the same vLAN for there to be no router.

It sounds very likely that a router has opened up a connection and then dropped it on a timeout.

If you had said the call fails, rather than just the audio, I would have wonedered if you had something with broken re-invite support, like some versions of X-Lite.

some additional info: Pinging to a pc returns less than 1ms, while pinging to a phone in the same vlan returns >32ms

Hi Sorry that means nothing

the reason its lnger is that a phone isnt expecting to and doenst want to waste time responding to pings…

you need to do a trace for wireshark

see … &Itemid=63 and click on the link for details of how to do it


figured it out. Someone manged to loop two vLans toghether… not an easy one to trace…

Anyways, thanks for the help and the info.