AGI scripts


I need to connect my userpage ( PHP page ) to make an outgoing call on the date and time entered on the page.

Like on submit, the calls need to be directed to their cellphones and deliver the text ( text-wav file ) or a wav file to the number.

Guess I would need AGI script’s .call scripts to make this work. If YES, can anyone guide me how to start with AGI scripts.

I already have asterisk-1.6.0 running along with dahdi-linux- complete- and libpri-

Think about Asterisk callfiles.
what you’ve to do actually is to use php to automatically generate a call file based on values entered by your user.
have a look here: … o-dial+out

Thanks. This would work for something like wakeup calls etc etc.

But, to make it easier I’m planning to pull the data’s of the caller like his client id ( Unique for each person ), his personal number and address…blah blah.

All I’m trying to do is call the person and alert him/her for the date and time I enter in the php that has been saved in db on submit.

P.S: The main concept is making calls to all students( 10-15 ) at same time, who belong to a particular course, about the cancellation of class due to valid reason, the call might be for immediate or future calls. Also the call is to analog phone through asterisk installed in my Ubuntu-9.04 server.

Any help!