Astrisk and ProSLIC interface for making phone calls

Hello everyone,

I want to establish a voice call between softphone application and analogue phone, through asterisk and ProSLIC interface. I have Asterisk running on Raspberry PI zero which is connected to ProSLIC custom board through PCM interface. Telephone is connected to ProSLIC with an analogue phone connector.
In these set up, I am not able to get any information on how to interface Asterisk to ProSLIC API s. I would be grateful for any suggestions. Or any other references related to this issue.

Thanks in advance

There is no guide or information, and noone on here would probably be able to give such a thing as this is primarily a user forum.

Hi Michael, this isn’t a direct answer to your question, still you might be interested to look at for an FXO/FXS interfaced to Raspberry Pi? I got this running on an RPi4B recently. It uses DAHDI as the glue layer between Asterisk and the RPi GPIOs.

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It would be great if you can tell me what part of Asterisk section we need to look for these type of interfaces

DAHDI - Digium Asterisk Hardware Device Interface (DAHDI) - Asterisk Project Wiki first.
Then I found it helpful to build a system with the Amfeltec Piranha : their device ain’t cheap but was fairly easy to get working. Then the switchpi is (a bit…) easier to understand. Can’t help you much beyond that. Good luck!

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