Asterisk Installed... Softphone Tested... What Next?

I am new to Asterisk. I installed AsteriskNow and tested with softphones and working fine. I am now curious to jump to next level but not sure how to begin with.

I need to integrate Asterisk with existing telephone lines and T1. How will I do that? Do we have any links or schematic representation that I can look for. I need to know what hardware I will have to buy?

There are more question do we have it answered already? where?

Please me know.

Thank you,


You need an anolg CARD for your analog lines such DIGIUM TDM400 or OPENVOX A400P for 4 lines. For your T1 you need a digital card like Openvox D110P, you can browse in digium, openvox, sangoma etc for your hardware.

If you want use analog phones you will need ATA’s like PAP2T, SPA-8000, Aastribanks etc.

The best documentation find it in Google, in the forum or Voip-info.

Thanks, have you integrated these components before?
Do you have any guidelines or suggestion on how to proceed with?

Yes, I do it.

Basically you need to install the drivers, in the case of Digium or Openvox need to compile DAHDI or ZAPTEL -only one- before install/compile asterisk. Then install/compile asterisk and asterisk can load the dahdi/zaptel module to use the cards.

Then you need to configure the conf files for dahdi /etc/dahdi/system.conf, /etc/asterisk/chan_dahdi.conf. for zaptel /etc/zapata.conf /etc/asterisk/zaptel.conf. And finally your dialplan.

For more detailed information read the info in each conf file or visit