In-built FXS/FXO port configuration requirement

Hi, I’ve a Embedded system board with in-built FXS and FXO port along with ethernet port. I’ve installed Openwrt and asterisk on it. The IP Phones are connected and configured are running properly. But I’m not understanding how to configure for the Analog phones. I’ve read about Dahdi/Zaptel but both are used for pci connection (as per my understanding). The board is having Silicon Lab ProSLIC Si3210 component. Can anyone please help on how i should proceed and what i should configure to acivate calls to analog phones.

You need to ask the vendor.

PCI devices can be hardwired.

Some vendors supply dahdi compatible drivers that work with hardware connected via USB, but that is supported by the vendor.

Even if they are PCI, unless they are designed to emulate a Digium product, you will need a dahdi driver module to use them.