Interfacing system with Telephone

Iam a newbie to Asterisk, iam developing a healthcare portal, where in i need to send the reminder calls to the people who have registered. In order to do that i have installed the Asterisk software from the ISO file burned from the CD. I do have an IVR cord of 4 Ports which is a Dialogic made.

Once getting the URL of the Asterisk server installed in the Linux operating system, iam accessing this via a windows system. But how is the interfacing to be done from the IVR card in the linux system to the telephone. Can any one send any documentation. Please help me on this.

Thanks in advance

First, you are using the wrong terminology for many of the things so I would highly suggest you read the book “Asterisk: The Future of Telephony” which I think is available online but is also in bookstores. It is based on Asterisk 1.2 but many things translate to 1.4 (except installation which is totally different).

As a first step get Asterisk running, making calls accepting incoming calls.

After that there are many ways to do what you need but probably the best is to do an Originate action from the Manager Interface

Thanks for the valuable inputs swater, i need to know the basic setup of a analog phone network at both the receiving ends. How and where should i connect the phone line and establish the connection with the phone.

I connected the phone line to the FXO port and the phone to the FXS Port. But i neigther get a dial tone or pulse tone on my phone. What might be the problem.


Again, in the recommended book they will waly you through how to do a basic setup just as you describe. I would highly suggest you try to get a copy of it. Check out the link below for the download copy.