Astribank Twinstar setup Asterisk (not elastix) help needed

I have purchased a couple of PRI equipped astribanks from Xorcom, as well as their redundant power supply with the idea that I would get my companies phone system (2500+ endpoints, though I think only 800 or so will be VoIP when this is all complete) up on Asterisk. I’ve built about 13 sites for them so far but most were around 30 phones or so and one was around 85. This will be the second install (the 85 phone site being the first) that I plan to use Realtime / MySQL architecture and therefore couldn’t use the R-Series stuff for an automatic failover.

Long story short I need to get the twinstar stuff up and running and since I elected not to buy Xorcom’s appliance they have refused to help me get it set up. They were great getting me talking to the astribank and getting the xpp stuff installed (which is no where near as “plug and play” as they made it sound) but when it came to getting the redundancy set up they said that since I didn’t buy their servers I wouldn’t get support.

In any case I’m looking for someone else in the Asterisk community that has done something similar and can at least point me in the right direction for getting the redundancy portion of an astribank equipped with “Twin Star” setup with plain, compiled from source, Asterisk . Anyone willing to help?

I didn’t put this in Asterisk Support since it’s not actually support for asterisk itself. If I need to move it please let me know.

:frowning: Good luck.

Not quite the response I was hoping for, but thanks Malcom.

If I can figure this out perhaps I’ll type up a tutorial about it and save someone else the time. I think it’s a great product but I didn’t want to be tied to their servers which are honestly nothing compared to what I’ve got this system set to run on… And I dislike the forked versions of asterisk because I don’t seem to have the flexibility I have with plain asterisk to tinker and add new features or programs to interact with it.

My advise is Check the video tutorials, download the manual PDF, since they mention their syste,
m use DRDB you can check the installation procedure from DRDB page/manual or whatever, then check the recommended heartbeath system and go for it, finally your vendor at least must give you the driver or script for your hardware.

I know is too late but you may check the R-Series from Digium.