Astribank(and existing system)

Has anyone added a asteribank to an existing system that includes a pri?

I have a dell poweredge 2950 w/a tdm2400 and a te110p i have purchased a 24 port asteribank and would like to install it. The only info i can find says you have to do a genzaptelconf which will wipe out my pri settings, i do not want to erase these. It took a lot of work to get these two cards working together. Please if anyone has advise let me know.

well you can set up zaptel manually, it will matter what order zaptel detects the devices in (which i think is governed by what order you load the modules in).

so currently if your PRI is zap/1 to zap/24, and you have the astribank module load second, the astribank would be 25-48. If you have astribank load first, it would be 1-24 and the pri would come after it. You can manually set these things in zaptel.conf/zapata.conf

thanks for the advice, the only way i was able to get the pri to work with my tdm2400 wa to load tdm first pri second. so i’ll try to load astribank 3rd. Yesterday it crashed my system though.