PRI Looses Connection Overnight?

I have a TE120P connected to a PRI. Everything seems to be working perfectly, however overnight the PRI always stops working. As far as I can see there are no errors in Asterisk the next morning or in zttool. Restarting Asterisk has no effect, the only way to get it back online is to reboot the computer. Has anyone seen a similar problem?

You would actually want to restart zaptel not asterisk. But thats not the point - this shouldn’t happen.

Have you contacted the telco to see if they are seeing anything?

Is it the same time every day?

Is there any other hardware sharing the same interrupt as your TE120P?

What brand\model of server are you using?

What version of Asterisk\Zaptel are you running?

I should have mentioned that also I have also tried to reset zaptel and had the same results.

I have not contacted to telco yet, but I plan on doing that today.

As far as I know there is not any hardware sharing IRQs with the card. I checked this when I first set the server up. I was a little confused on how to check so I might have messed that up. What is the best way to check IRQ sharing?

I have not been able to determine yet if it happens at the same time of day or not yet.

I am running Asterisk 1.4.9. The server is running on a Tyan S3992 motherboard.

The interrupts are set in the BIOS.

try updating to the latest version of Asterisk and Zaptel.

The BIOS on this motherboard does not seem to allow the setting of IRQs in the BIOS. I will look into upgrading Zaptel and Asterisk. Thank you very much for the help!

I checked with the telco today and they said that they did not see any outages or anything else unusual about our PRI during that night. I haven’t been able to see if it would happen again since I have had to switch back to the old system. I should be able to bring it back up over the weekend and see how it goes. I am going double check the IRQs and probably try to card in another slot. I will post the results. Thanks again for the help.

I did not have the same issue this weekend, the PRI never lost connection and the server worked perfectly. I think moving the card to another PCI slot might have done it. I will be testing it again over the Thanksgiving holiday for several days and will post the results.

It seems the problem is the jack on the back of the card. It does not maintain a good connection with the cable. After trying several different cables I called Digium and got a RMA. I will post the results in hope that this thread will be useful to someone.

I wanted to update this topic as it might help anyone else experiencing the same issue. It turned out the card was bad, once it was replaced everything worked perfectly. The network jack was faulty and never was able to establish a solid connection.