Astrerisk as Application server in Open IMS-issue in looping

Hi All,

please help me in solving the looping issue in open IMS - SCSCF and Asterisk.

Setup :

we have the open IMS with the Asterisk ( Application server )

the registration is successful ( also, SCSCF sends and gets OK for 3rd party register )

problem description :

when the call is made , the INVITE is sent to Asterisk, then Asterisk processes the INVITE and sends back the INVITE back, Here the SCSCF sends again the INVITE back to Asterisk and this flow happens more than 20 - 30 times,

finally the call gets landed to the called party ( after some CANCEL from Asterisk )

What is my query ::

i would like to know, why the SCSCF is unable to corelate the INVITE which it sent to Asterisk and which comes from Asterisk ?

why there is a looping ?

is there anything needs to be configured here ?

please help me

This doesn’t make sense. Asterisk is not a SIP proxy, so it does not forward INVITEs.

in my case, it acts as a Application server , i see there is no issue with the Asterisk, i have a issue with the SCSCF module ( in open IMS )

if someone in this group can help me , please let me know ?

  1. why and how the SCSCF identifies and compares the INVITE ‘‘sent to’’ and ‘‘received from’’ AS ??
    ( i have chcked in real time call flows and found tht the call id will be differnt when the INVITE comes from the AS )

So its OK that the asterisk is acting as a B2BUA.

  1. in my case the SCSCF is not comparing the INVITE and considering the INVITE as a new one and starts processing it.

please help

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