3rd party registration failed

Hi All,

am using the Asterisk as a Application server in my open IMS setup.

i want to do a 3rd party registration from SCSCF to Asterisk,
here the SCSCF is doing its part by sending the REGISTER to asterisk ( after actually registers a user , for services it comes to asterisk on behalf of the user )

here am getting the registration is failed;

[Jul 31 18:34:32] ERROR[26098]: netsock2.c:269 ast_sockaddr_resolve: getaddrinfo(“scscf.open-ims.test”, “6060”, …): Name or service not known
[Jul 31 18:34:32] WARNING[26098]: chan_sip.c:16157 parse_register_contact: Invalid hostport ‘scscf.open-ims.test:6060’
[Jul 31 18:34:32] WARNING[26098]: chan_sip.c:17060 register_verify: Failed to parse contact info

Note :

#) for the same user am able to register directly to Asterisk ( not via open ims )

) the Only difference is this register comes via SCSCF , not directly from user , so the FROM and TO are varies.

please adivce me how to get rid of this issue

Provide valid (and routable) DNS information for scscf.open-ims.test

thanks for the support

the issue is resolved now when we configure the correct DNS


Hi sentkrish, could you please share your OpenIMS configuration? I want to configure Asterisk as application server too, but i have no idea about what triggers to use and things like that…
Many thanks!