Open IMS and Kamailio integration issue

Hi All,

i have a query here,

the user is registered with the open IMS and also with Kamailio ( as a third party registration via SCSCF )

Here my issue is ;

when the user makes a call, the INVITE reaches to kamailio from SCSCF( Scscf port is 6060) , when the Kamailio sends the INVITE back to IMS, it sends to the port 5060.

even the 100 trying from the kamailio sends at the port 6060, but the INVITE sent to the port 5060.

problem is , the kamailio registers the SCSCF port as 6060, but when sending the INVITE back it uses the port 5060.

why this is So ??

i checked in registered entry as well, it shows that the contact is SCSCF with 6060 port only.

please help in this situation,

Kind regards