Asterix for my application... is it right dissision?

Dear all,
i want to know if the asterix suitable for my application which i am planing to do…

I want to connect 4 E1 lines with a VOIP provider over the internet.
I have 4 E1 lines which has the folowing featurs:

  • The E1 coms from SS7 legacy swithches with ISUP according to ITU-T White Book V2
  • 2 ss7 signalling link, that means each 2 E1 coms from different switch
    My application is to seal phone cards in my contry, which works with VOIp services.
    I have a service provider which will deliver ma the IVR and the VOIP calls switching worldwide…

I want to have a backup redundance, that means, if the internet over my VOIP is switched off, then there is TDM backcall will appear and the users will make there calls over the normal legacy swithces in my contry.

My questions:

  • Does Astrix support SS7 with ISUP according to ITU-T White Book V2?

  • If yes, what does i need?

  • Should i buy any librarys?

  • Which Hardware Card do you suggest me for my application?
    I hope i have explained my application well and i will find the right support here…
    Thanke you in advanced