AsteriskNow with Asterisk RealTime

I have found a number of very old posts (several years ago). but nothing recent.

Will AsteriskNOW 10.13 work with Asterisk Real-Time?

If I am reading some of these older posts correctly…
Because AsteriskNow has FreePBX, Asterisk RealTime will not function.

Can anyone confirm or deny this ?

Not as far as I know. AsteriskNow uses Freepbx which does not support asterisk realtime. You can run it directly on Asterisk but I don’t think the GUI will recognize it.

As I understand it, it is possible to do an AsteriskNOW installation that doesn’t use FreePBX.

Hmmm… Many Distro features are helpful, like the core setup (trunks), firewall, etc…

Since Asterisk Realtime can be enabled on a section by section bases… it is key items like Voicemail and users/devices that we want realtime… the rest can be local (FreePBX).

Wonder is a hybrid is possible?