Asterisk 15 question


I’ve been using asterisk for a few days now. I’m Just wondering, does asterisk 15 still have GUI?


There is not GUI on any of the Asterisk versions, There is product called AsteriskNOW 10.13 which Allows the installation of Asterisk 11 or 13 and FreePBX as the Administraton GUI


Does asteriskNOW support Asterisk Realtime?

Asterisknow at the end it is Asterisk with a GUI , so it does support realtime

If you’re using a GUI though it generally takes control of everything and expects to be configured through it. While you can go in and modify config files, change it to realtime, etc, you then likely break the GUI making it useless.

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Wow, Again Thanks.

Sorry for the noob question, I was doing a little research about freePBX then I found out that FreePBX does not support asterisk realtime as it is heavily dependent on its GUI. I was thinking it was the same case with AsteriskNOW as it is using FreePBX GUI also. Thanks for the info. Will try AsteriskNOW.

Thanks for the info. Will try asteriskNOW.