AsteriskNow on motherboard with 975 chipset and jmicron RAID

Im new to Asterisk. I run it on CentOS. Everything is well and working but I experince problems with installation of AsteriskNOW on the machine. During the install process it searches for the rPath linux image and it cannot find it. I finally realised that its a problem because the motherboard has no support in the latest AsteriskNOW release. The motherboard is Intel 975 chipset and has a Jmicron RAID controller. Is there a possibility to use e network installation of AsteriskNOW? Or solve the problem with the Jmicron .

I hope this the final barrier in front of me to use AsteriskNow fully functional.

There is a solution. First remove all AHCI from the Bios. Then set them to IDE or IDE/RAID.
After that all you have to do is boot from CD than type as a start parameters
linux all-generic-ide pci=nommconf.
And everything is Ok and workig.
Have fun