HP ProLiant MicroServer AstriskNOW Compatibile?

Hello all, and a Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the USA!

I’ve been tasked with setting up a very small internal phone system for training use. It will be 5 extensions and will never require outside line access. Every call made on these 5 extensions must be recorded for post-training review. The system must be reliable as it will be about 500km away from where I normally work.

I’m considering using an HP ProLiant MicroServer with two 250GB drives in RAID1 as the AstriskNOW server. HP PDF Data Sheet, HP online specs. I have a couple of questions about this hardware:

[li] HP says the server is Red Hat 5 compatible. Generally this means it will also work with CentOS 5 but I am wondering if anyone has experience running AstriskNOW on this hardware. Did it work without trouble? Any issues I should know about?[/li]
[li] I want to run those two 250GB drives in RAID 1 to increase reliability. Does AstriskNOW support RAID 1 natively during install or is this something I will need to configure manually? Any tips on manual configuration if it is necessary?[/li][/ol]

Thank you very much in advance for any assistance.

HP Proliant are our preferred choice for CentOS5 plus Asterisk. I don’t deal with that side, so I don’t know if we have used that particular model.

This is the wrong forum for asking about AsteriskNow specific issues.

I am using this server for running my Asterisk servers. It’s a small, cheap, reliable and a very good performer for the money. It will do all the things you need from it and still be 90% or more idle :smile:

Since custom-compiled Asterisk works really good on it, it should also run AsteriskNOW with no bigger issues.

As far as RAID 1 is concerned, the server itself does not have a RAID controller. So use software RAID that is supported by Linux itself. You can set the RAID 1 field during the partitioning part of the OS install.

Thank you very much for the replies. I’ve ordered one of these servers and will get things set up next week.