Installation Script issue

Hello, i am having a strange issue. whenever i install asterisknow on a physical server, it acts normal but skips the install script where you select the version to install. its 6.12 64bit, latest download. it goes to the standard looking but skinned (schmooze) linux installer and installs like a normal linux install. after its done, no asterisk is installed, despite it saying to add the PBX repo and associated packages. its fully useable but as a regular linux install, not the ready to go asterisk pbx install. the VERY strange thing is when i install from the SAME ISO on a vmware, it works as expected. any ideas? i tried installing in EFI and legacy modes, no different. i guess i could install the packages manually but that seems to defeat the ready to go idea. i haven’t used asterisknow on a physical server before, only vm’s. any ideas? thank you!