AsteriskNOW install

I am considering using AsteriskNOW in an IT course I am teaching at a TAFE college in Australia … TAFE colleges are post-secondary technical schools which train apprentices and technicians for industry. I was hoping to virtualise AsteriskNOW on KVM running on CentOS 7 and get a couple of handsets working, purely as a teaching/learning exercise.

Anyway, I notice that AsteriskNOW requires internet access to download unspecified packages during installation. My college is an old school Windows shop where it has just been easier for me to build an independent network in the computer lab than to try and work with our IT department. Why? Well, one example: their virtualisation solution is Virtual Box on Windows 10. Mine is KVM on CentOS 7.

My teaching network has it’s own CentOS-based repo server and web resources, etc, but does not have outside internet access.

To cut to the chase: is it possible to install AsteriskNOW without internet access? Can I download the missing packages somewhere and add them to a local repo?

It wouldn’t be AsteriskNOW then!

You can install Asterisk without internet access. It requires internet access to download firmware (only if you install DAHDI) and voice files, but there is an environment variable you can set to redirect the downloads. I don’t have access to the system on which we did this at the moment.