Asterisk11 error during installation on AMI Linux

Hi guys,

I installed Asterisk 11 on Amazon EC2 AMI Linux and upon entering #make config command on the last part of installation, I received an error “We could not install init scripts for your distribution”. As expected, there is no asterisk script on /etc/init.d. I am googling around and cannot find a solution yet. Any suggestion and ideas will be highly appreciated. Thanks…


I know this is a very old question, but I ran into the same problem and found a solution so I wanted to share it.

The reason for the error is because the make config script doesn’t recognize the type of system architecture that an Amazon Linux EC2 installation returns. But you can “fake it” into thinking it’s a red hat installation, which will work just fine. So you do this:

touch /etc/redhat-release
make config
rm /etc/redhat-release

The start-up scripts will be installed and work fine.

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