Asterisk installation problem TT

i want to install asterisk on AWS.
I refer to a video on youtube(
But, on 7 minutes, I have a problem.
I couldn’t implement ‘/etc/init.d/dahdi restart’
so i go to that path, I could check there isn’t dahdi in /etc/init.d

so i check my commands.
Before ‘/etc/init.d/dahdi restart’, I implemented ‘make all’, ‘make install’, ‘make config’
it is the screenshot for ‘make all’ and ‘make install’


make install & make config:
I did the many things in Google
But it doesn’t work as well.

Could you help me please T.T

and it is the screenshot about error when i type ‘make install’ and ‘make config’

You don’t need DAHDI on an AWS system. It is for hardware devices.