Asterisk, Zaptel.conf and zapata-channels.conf on Fedora 11

Hello All,
I have installed Asterisk and think that I have installed the necessary packages. I’m having problem finding a straight article on installation to Fedora 11. I have used Yum to install and it seem that I only can get it install/working under “su”.

I have received a card that has two FXS/two FXO.
I followed the doc received from the manufacture but it seem like the files on my Fedora is installed in a different directory which should not be a big problem.
I have executed “#asterisk -vvvvc” and got a lot of out put that I’m not sure what its.
I noticed there is a message in red about the module for the sound on hold is showing.

when came to start configuring the files starting with “/etc/zaptel.conf” I noticed in the card manufacture additional configuration for “/etc/asterisk/zapata-channels.conf” which I do not have in that director or any other directory…

can some one give me some good guide here with patient please :smile: as I’m newbie…that would be greatly appreciated.


[quote=“verybigtiger”]Hello All,
I have installed Asterisk and think that I have installed the necessary packages. I’m having
If you are seeing references to zaptel, you have installed an obsolete, unsupported, version of Asterisk.

I would expect it to run when you ran it from a root shell obtained by any reasonable means. I wouldn’t expect it to run from anything other than root.

Personally I would install from source. If the hardware card is not a Digium one or an accurate clone, you may well be forced to install from source in order to build driver modules.

Maybe you do have a current version of Asterisk then. The file you should be editing is /etc/asterisk/chan_dahdi.conf. All the other hardware specific files should also have dahdi in their names.

I was told that the card I have is compatible to Digium; after installation all 4 ports lights were off. after installing the driver that they sent me in an email I noticed all 4 ports lights are on.
I’m not sure which two ports are FXO, I have connected a phone and hear no tone, only mute air sound on two (which I think is the FXO) the other two has no sound at all. … I would beleive if I hock the pstn line to the FXO port might damage it … is this correct?

Asterisk the one I have is asterisk-1.6.1.X … I could not see the “/etc/asterisk/chan_dahdi.conf” file.
but when searching I found the sample under "/usr/share/doc/asterisk-"
not really sure what I have install but I’m sure its one directory under “/etc/”.

any advise would be greatly appreciated!!

Firstly start over. 1.6.1 is completely dead from a support point of view and 1.6.2 is on security fixes only.

If you have installed dahdi and Asterisk was built with dahdi enabled (having it not enabled will cause problems on VoIP only systems), you need to run the tool that comes with dahdi-tools that creates a low level configuration file. You may need to tweak this. You then need to copy chan_dahdi.conf.sample as /etc/asterisk/chan_dahdi.conf, and configure that appropriate to your circumstances.

I am surprised that chan_dahdi.conf is not present, as one would normally run make samples during a source install, to intall all the sample files, rather than picking and choosing.

I’ve not used dahdi on real hardware, so I can’t help much with the details. As a Digium employee, malcomd will tell you that you should be getting support for your hardware from its vendor, or, preferably, using Digium hardware, which will help fund Asterisk.

Can some one help me re-install Asterisk from A-Z. on Fedora 11.

Thanks in advance!!