Audio delay / latency on local network

I’ve just set up a fresh installation of asterisk on a new Ubuntu 8.04 server install. I’ve compiled and installed zaptel and Asterisk 1.4, as well as FreePBX. Everything’s working fine, except for one problem: 250-500ms of delay on everything, including an Echo() test. The usual suspects - network latency (~1ms), codec conversion (ulaw), and processing power don’t seem to be the issues. I’ve been testing with various soft phones on both IAX2 and SIP on my local network with identical results. Any thoughts?

It’s very likely your softphones.

They’re known to be slow and echo prone.

Get yourself an inexpensive VOIP phone (they can be had for less than US$100) and try that. You’ll find that softphones are terrible sounding compared to a hardphone using the same Asterisk system.

Yeah, that was it. My phones arrived in the mail today and everything’s working much better now. Thanks.