Asterisk with vicidial communication

Dear All,

We have asterisk 13.1 production with Wildcard TE122 configured with PRI 30 channels.

I have installed another server vicidial in another branch which will be used for the incoming calls to attend by agents. Both servers are in the same network

  1. How can I configure agents in asterisk server 13.1 with login pages for agents

  2. can we use and route one channel from asterisk server 13.1 to vcidial incoming and outgoing agent?


Pages suggests a GUI. Asterisk does not include a GUI, although there are third party GUIs that make use of Asterisk.

My guess is that this is a question for the Vicidial people.

Given that Vicidial is based on Asterisk, I imagine it will support Asterisk as a peer for all supported channel technologies.

I have to configure asterisk 13.1 and vicidial which is having inbuilt asterisk 13 .
please find the details

Asterisk server iax file
register => testcarrier:test@

tdpri*CLI> iax2 show users
Username Secret Authen Def.Context A/C Codec Pref
testcarrier test 000000000000003 incoming Yes Host

second server vicidial

tmvd*CLI> iax2 show registry

Host dnsmgr Username Perceived Refresh State testcarrie 60 Registered

tmvd*CLI> iax2 show users
Username Secret Authen Def.Context A/C Codec Pref testcarrier test 000000000000007 trunkinbound No Host

When trying to dial an extension from vicidal to asterisk the second server getting below error. Did not define any context in iax file
[Jun 17 15:59:50] NOTICE[2457][C-00000048]: chan_sip.c:26515 handle_request_invi te: Call from ‘gs102’ ( to extension ‘6977’ rejected because e xtension not found in context ‘default’.

You’ve provided IAX2 files, but the failing call is a SP one!

Also, please markup your files as preformatted text, for the forum.

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