Asterisk with 3 NIC cards

I have installed new asterisk server with three internal cards and three external cards where the external cards have different IPs and i want to specify to every extension the route to use and to use the three external card in the same time. and I want to find out how to force extension to use specific external IP.
for example:
I give the three LAN cards the IPs ( & &
and the external cards ( & &
and I want to force the extension in the LAN with IP to use the external card with IP and the same for the other cards.

what are the external cards for/connected to ?

I think you need to expand on what you are trying to achieve ? is it different routes or gateways?

basically you need to set routed but you need to know the final address the calls are going to to set the route

Does Asterisk actually support such broken multi-homed configurations? You may need to run multiple instances and bind them separately to the three interfaces.

Hi all
The external cards are for external calls where I have three service provider and three leased lines and three campaigns and i need to assign to every service provider leased line to make calls throw it and i use elastix.
I now already use 2 NIC in my server one for LAN and the second for external calls connected to my leased line. and i need to use three cards for LAN and three cards for external calls as routes.

i have a server with three different gate ways and i want to specify a VoIP trunk to every gate way


As long as the service providers all have different ip addresses, just create a route to each provider using the relevant nic card

thanks for your replay
but i have little problem that my service providers doesn’t connect to me directly they give me an account with user name and password where it can be used by any IP
i need a way to told the VoIP trunk to use a Specific NIC card IP

Yes but the will also have given you a server to connect to

i need a way to told the VoIP trunk to use a Specific NIC card IP[/quote]

You don’t do this in Asterisk but in Linux routing table (route the traffic for the SIP server of individual SIP provider through the desired Ethernet interface).