Using multiple NIC's for outgoing calls

Does anyone know how I can configure Asterisk to make outgoing calls via different NIC’s. I want to use a different NIC for every Trunk.

Thank you in advance for your feedback!

this is not an asterisk level issue. to do this, you would have to configure the routing tables so that TCP/IP traffic is correctly routed to the trunk providers servers via different NICs that each have independent routes to the internet. That might be challenging since trunk providers often mover servers around. I presume that these different NICs are connected to different routers [or a high end router capable of handling multiple LANs]

the big question would be why?

Thank you for your reaction.

The reason why: I want to implement it on an analysis platform. The purpose is to simulate the different calls comming from different IP-addresses.

Ok, using the routing tables is one solution, but in the case of multiple account from one provider this approach would not work.