Asterisk with 100 wifi phones

Am going to setup a communication setup in LAN with Asterisk with 100+ wifi SIP phones. Please guide me what is best option with WiFi SIP phone or is it OK with android phones too, please tell me the pros and corns of both.
2nd which WiFi access point should i use with WiFi phones?
Please share your experience.
3rd what should be the system specs for about 20 concurrent calls?
4th what are the hidden problems in this architecture, that i can face in feature in running environment?

looking for some urgent reply.

Urgent replies must be asked in the job forums, there you can hire a consultant.

try better with a DECT SIP system.

I was also going to say use DECT.

WiFi has high latency and jitter. Unless you are the only WiFi user within about 100m and your WiFi use is dedicated to VoIP things will be even worse.

There is NO good option for WiFi SIP phone. I am the third guy who is going to say it - use profi VoIP-DECT solutions.

You may play with WiFi for fun. But in production, use DECT.
Spectralink (former KIRK) is a good choice.

As for me, I have a Gigaset A510 IP phone. But I don’t have 100+ endpoints. :smile: